Building the Piet was fun, but I cannot get up to speed with it. I don’t know if it is the unusual switches or the flat keycaps. But I do enjoy the layout, so I build another one with more familiar switches and keycaps.


Model no.Lumberjack
Manufacture Date2022
CaseCNC milled walnut
SwitchesNovelkeys Blueberries
KeycapsSA Oblivion
Dimensions300 × 115 × 30 mm
Weight1000 gram
PCB/Softwarelumberjack + QMK


My second THT build. I really enjoy soldering it together. Designing and building a hand-wired keyboard (like my C64 themed Planck64 or the Atreus 62) is a lot of work. Especially soldering all the wires and getting the firmware set up. THT is a great alternative as soldering the switches to the PCB is easier and the firmware already exists.

This is the first time I used Mill Max Sockets to make a non-hot-swappable PCB hot-swappable. I used a sacrificial switch to get the alignments right. It was quite an easy job, I only messed up two sockets soldering the switch to the socket.


Novelkeys BlueberrySA


Same as my first planck.


I am using QMK with this config.