Saturn 60 with black top and bottom case and staggered 60% layout.


Model no.Saturn 60
ManufacturerAce Keyboard Co.
Manufacture Date2022
Casebent steel case
Platepurist plate, stainless steel
SwitchesZielents V1 65 gram
KeycapsMT3 Dasher
Dimensions345 × 190 × 70 mm
Weight2430 gram
PCB/SoftwareHS60 V2 + QMK


I ordered this keyboard end of 2020 after giving up on a group buy I joined a long time ago with a similar style keyboard. While waiting on this GB to complete I switched to ortho layouts. Fortunately there were still some extras available so I ordered another one with an ortholinear layout. My girlfriend happily took over this one.