I looked for a 40-ish percent through-hole kit for a while. I really like the look of the exposed components with a nice and tidy layout. At the same time the stacked or even missing case I don’t like very much. Especially with some kits costing a lot (on their own and especially with taxes and shipping from the us).

There is some really nice stuff from e.g. mechwild like the Mercutio, the Romeo and the 0xCB Static. But, again, too pricey for me considering the case. There is a nicer board, the Argyle. But it uses a staggered 60% layout and I do have enough boards with that (for now 😄).

In early 2021 I missed the first round of the Lumberjack. I joined the R2 and directly bought three different colours. With a price of 22€ plus affordable shipping from the Netherlands this is a great deal. You get the PCB, all needed components and the FR4 plate. The PCB should be compatible with a wide variety of 60% cases, in addition it supports MX, Alps and Kalih Choc switches.


Model no.Piet
Manufacture Date2022
Switcheskalih choc silver
KeycapsMBK Choc Low Profile
Dimensions285 × 95 × 16 mm (incl. key caps)
Weight264 gram
PCB/Softwarelumberjack + QMK


This keyboard is meant to be a fun and unique project, so I went all-in and tried to do things different then normal. So instead of using tactile switches and high-profile keycaps I picked linear low-profile choc switches with matching low-profile keycaps. Since there is a very limited offer for such keycaps I had to get creative to avoid the typical all-white or all-black, no legends low profile look. With the lumberjack already having its roots in the Netherlands it feels appropriate to imitate the art of Piet Mondrian. Did you know there is a programming language named after him?


Kalih Choc SilverMBK Choc Low Profile


Same as my first planck.


I am using QMK with this config.