My second hand-wired keyboard is a clone of the Atreus with 62 keys. Building my first hand-wired keyboard was so much fun and I had Zealios V1 laying around so I built another one.


Model no. Atreus 62
Manufacturer Me \o/
Manufacture Date April-June 2020
Case Handbuild, oiled oak with brass inlay
Plate Custom designed, CNC milled 3mm stainless steel
Switches Zealios V1 65g
Keycaps SA Laser alphas + Ortho Minicons
Dimensions 345 × 270 × 22 mm
Weight 2140 gram
PCB/Software teensy 2.0 + QMK


The layout is kind of a hybrid of the layout I use with my Planck with the additional number row. I switched the “thumb keys” around back and forward between having space on the 1.5u or the inner most 1u key. I ended up with using the 1u as space and the 1.5u as second return and backspace.

Qwertz Layer

Function Layer

Lower Layer (blue)

Raise Layer (orange)

Adjust Layer


I am using QMK with this config.


The case

Based on a 22mm oak slab I used my hand-router for the cutout of ~3mm matching exactly the steel plate and a deeper ~15mm cutout with an 2mm inset of the plate shape, giving it a nice ridge to sit on. Unfortunately with the high of the inner cutout I was not able to add an USB connector so I had to attach the cable fixed. I added an aviator 5-pin connector to have it somewhat detachable.

On the backside there is an additional cutout under the wrist rest for the brass weight of around 750gram. I glued in seven brass screw sockets and used pcb spacers to attach the plate to the case.

I finished the case by rounding of the edges, sanding the wood up to 320 grid and oiling it.


With the curvature of the rows the wiring looks less clean as the one on the Planck 64. Overall I uses the same materials and techniques as on the Planck64. At the bottom I added a magnetic reed switch to reset the board in case I mess up the firmware.