Custom build 60% keyboard with Zealio V1 switches and a wodden case. Build started in 2015 with a Satan 60 PCB and aluminium backplate and evolved in 2019 to the current state.


Model no. 1976 Custom Sixty
Manufacturer Custom
Manufacture Date 2017 - 2019
Case CNC milled walnut
Plate CNC milled 2mm brass
Switches Zealio V2 65 gram
Keycaps SA 1976
Dimensions 300 × 115 × 30 mm
Weight 1100 gram
PCB/Software DZ60 + QMK


In 2015 the Ducky YotH was my daily driver. After switching from MX Browns to MX Blues I still was not very happy with the weight of the switches and decided to build my custom keyboard. I wanted to keep the 60% form factor I really enjoyed but wanted to find more heavy tactile switches (I don’t like the high pitched click of the cherries and wanted to be able to use the keyboard in an office environment).

I bought Zealios V1 65g which seemed like a good tactile switch and combined it with a Satan 60, a wodden casing and a black aluminium backplate. I re-used the black and white keycaps from my Filco Majestouch. To improve the weight of the keyboard I added an additional 2mm steel backplate inside the wodden case.

In 2016 I replaced the keycaps with SA 1976 which are still my favourite keycap set.

In 2019 I updated the keyboard with a DZ60 PCB, Zealios V2 65g and a brass switch plate.


The layout is a modified 60% german-ISO layout. The function layer key is mapped to the Caps Lock key.

The function layer is inspired by the Ducky YotH layout. Some keys on the right side are moved one key to the right. ctrl-1, a shotcut I use frequently in my IDE is in a very convenient place.

Lately I added a custom Alt-Gr layer to access different type of brackets more easily. This is inispired by the layout of my OLKB Planck.


I am using QMK with this config.


Foto of the initial build back in 2015.