2014 edition of the ducky limited chinese zodiac edition was my first 60% keyboard and the first (and last?) non-programmable one. In 2017 I replaced the default keycaps with GMK Laser.


Model no. Year of the Horse
Manufacturer Ducky
Manufacture Date 2014
Case Two peace milled aluminium
Switches Cherry MX Blue
Keycaps GMK Laser
Dimensions 310 × 130 × 30 mm
Weight 1300 gram
Controller/Software Ducky


After my first “modern” mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches I wanted to change to a heavier switch because the MX Browns felt to light. After some research on the interwebs I ordered a Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry MX Green switches. I had to send back the board twice because of failing LEDs after a couple of days of usage and was not very impressed with Ducky and the MX Greens are way to heavy for daily usage.

After a while I stumbled over a video by ducky teasing the Year of the Horse edition of the Ducky Mini. So I took the risk and trusted Ducky once more and ordered this keyboard. The LEDs are still working but are not uses anymore because I removed the keycaps.

After a few days of getting used to it I was hooked on the 60% layout and stuck with it till 2019. I am really into optimising workflows with tools, shortcuts etc and a smaller keyboard prevents switching to e.g. the arrow keys and function keys which I use quite often.

from xkcd


Since this keyboard is not progammable its using the default, german-ISO layout. The function layer key is mapped to Caps Lock.